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SurfKeeper is an Internet filtering and Parental control software allows parents, schools and libraries to protect children from harmful information on the Internet. Free two weeks trial. Buy online only $19.95. Surfkeeper filtering solution is a combination of URL filtering, Keyword filtering, and dynamic content filtering. URL filtering is where a particular URL or domain name is identified and/or categorized as an objectionable site. Key features listEase of use;URL Filtering, Allow you specify some websites block or allow;Keyword Filtering, Intelligence computing algorithm to check the web page contents;Dynamic content Filtering, Use a myriad of ways to evaluate content; object analysis, keyword analysis, source of objects, link analysis;Adjustable filter sensitivity puts you in complete control of what sites you want to block or access; Files type Filtering, Blocks file downloading base the file s extention;Online Time Limist, A timing feature allows you to set the times of day when Internet access is permitted;Screen Monitor, Take screen captures of the Instance Messenger software window (AOL,MSN,Yahoo,ICQ). Intelligence analyses active window changing and all captured data are wellcompressed, never have to worry about slowing down your PC over fill your hard drive; Screen Monitor s capture options is configurable. You can config capture options to make screen shot as you specify;URL Logs, Reporting provides detailed information about individual or family Internet activity; Password protection, Only SurfKeeper administrator can config or uninstall SurfKeeper;SurfKeeper Buid-in database updates monthly.

Systems: Windows

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